So, I was on an online dating site and got the following email about my hair:

“I’m still not sure about your self-expression / conversation starter – though I guess it works as good distraction from the chair. Maybe that’s it?”

My colour is expression and NOT to distract from the wheelchair (which doesn’t bother him half as much, pfffffffft!) Both chair and my hair are part of who I am and not things I need a man’s approval for. How dare he decide that on second e-mail? He doesn’t know me!

I like attention, to start conversation, to have fun, to stand out and (according to an old boss) to shock. Not sure my boss was being complimentary but… she wasn’t wrong! She knew me though and it wasn’t like she just met me and made a judgmental remark!

Distract from the chair? Bah!

Like had any chance then he followed with:

“I’m more than happy to still chat, though you should know that if we end up living happy ever after, I shall dye your hair back to its original colour as you sleep, every night.”

Err… *runs*

Please say not all men are control freaks obsessed with hair/wheelchairs?

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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